AI-powered Document Processing  
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We develop solutions for Arabic document processing based on “Zinki”:our sophisticated Optical Character Recognition Engine.

Our culture

We use Cutting-edge technology for developing specialized Computer Vision and Optical Character Recognition products. In addition to the conventional Latin fonts, Revampr takes upon itself the mission of processing Arabic documents, namely, prints, manuscripts, handwritten documents, hybrid documents, and others using the newest Deep Learning models.

Our Mission

Connecting Arabic documents with the latest technologies and provide intelligent solutions for Arabic ECM, DMS, Arabic Document Transcription, Pen Computing, and other applications based on “Zinki” OCR engine.  

Our offers

We provide several offers based on the Zinki OCR engine: 

  • : A SaaS platform for Arabic document transcription: offers a comprehensive set of features that enables the transcription of all kinds of documents:  Modern prints, Old prints, Handwritten and Historical Manuscripts; 
  • : a search platform in archive and documents content;
  • Whitelabel solutions for enterprises; 
  • API/SDK-based models for ECM and DMS systems.

Arabic Document transcription

Historical manuscripts & Handwriting transcription

Search tool in documents content

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Tunis, Tunisia

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