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Transcribing any kind of Printed text

PDF/JPG/PNG -> word/txt

Artificial Intelligence is being developed by Revampr for use with Arabic documents. This technology is able to recognize the document layout and convert the included text to a searchable and editable digital version.

Transcribing any kind of Handwritten Text

PDF/JPG/PNG -> word/txt

We create specialized AI models that make it possible to recognize handwritten Arabic documents. For handwritten styles that range from historical manuscripts to modern handwritten papers, transcribing is quite effective.

Collaborating with digitization initiatives

We support businesses and organizations with their digitization initiatives (digital archives, search engines, OCR platforms, transcription API, Whitelabel, On-premise solutions, Transcription-as-a-Service…). Products and tools from Revampr are adjusted and tailored in accordance with the specific characteristics, features, and document kinds of their project.

About Revampr

Revampr creates specialized Intelligent Document Processing products using cutting-edge technology. The task of processing Arabic documents, including prints, manuscripts, handwritten documents, hybrid documents, and others, is taken on by Revampr, which employs the most recent Deep Learning models.


The Revampr team has been concentrating on delivering an OCR engine for Arabic documents. Today, Revampr has Zinki, an extremely effective, precise, and fast OCR engine that addresses institutional and commercial problems with Arabic document processing.

On-going projects

Zinki OCR engine

he most widely used Arabic fonts, including Naskh, Maghribi, Persian, Taaliq, etc., were used to label the data. We have fully implemented support for all printed documents (Old prints and Modern prints). The most widely used Arabic handwritten scripts are fully supported, and the results are highly accurate. Our staff and end customers continuously improve the OCR engine.

An OCR platform to leverage research and editing

For businesses, scholars, private individuals, or publishers that require assistance with the automatic transcription of Arabic documents, our solution delivers an accurate, fast, and affordable OCR. The time and effort required for manual transcription are reduced using The transcription of all types of documents is possible with the help of the SaaS platform, which provides a wide range of features: historical manuscripts, handwritten works, and modern and old prints

Search Engine : a platform for searching through vast amounts of Arabic documents and archives. This program makes it easier for businesses, organizations, and private users to create searchable digital versions of their scanned books, archives, and papers.

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